Who is Alan Fairbrother? 

And - Why Do I Help Project Managers?

Because I’m a Project Management Professional (PMP) myself

I understand what it's like being accountable to deliver on time, within budget and within scope

I understand what it's like to work under the pressure of deadlines, risk management, manage people issues, quality and contractual issues and deliver an excellent outcome for my clients and employers

And I understand the true nature of Project Management - A temporary endeavour mobilised to deliver a specific outcome

I know there is no job security out there, and, if you do your job right as a PM, you do yourself out of a job and need to get another !

And don't get me wrong - I love my job as a PM

But I decided to stack the cards differently - and in my favour

In my spare time, and utilising my skills, I built a property portfolio - that pays me to own it
I've achieved a very high level of success in property investment (top 2%)
And now I help others do the same

I've achieved financial independence through hard work, determination and hard-earned lessons.

I've made (and lost) hundreds of thousands of dollars through good deals,  bad deals, good advice and bad advice which my clients get the benefit of. 

Today I currently hold a property portfolio value in the strong 7 figure range and have traded/flipped more than 15 properties through developments, renovations, unit titling, relocating and subdividing. 

I help people profit quickly through the benefit of my experience and the adherence to strict investing rules, tools and methods I've developed over the years. 

My clients enjoy the no-nonsense approach and the precise navigation support through a complex environment with a clear plan which takes them from where they are now, and onto their investing and income goals.

I’m a Professional Project Manager, Who, In My Spare Time 

Has Achieved A Very High Level of Success in Property Investment  (Top 2%)

And Now I Help Others Do The Same


1. A Real Estate Agent In Disguise- You Will Never Be Able To Buy Property From Me

2. A Salesperson After Your Money - I Only Work With 3 Clients At A Time And Who Want To Work With Me

3. A Lawyer Trying To Sell You My Structures

4. An Accountant Trying To Sell You My Services


If you’re new to property, we help you shift from where you are now, to controlling profitable deals through a customised education and support program tailored to your specific situation.

If you already own investment property, we can work on advanced strategies for growth in line with your investment goals.

At all times throughout the process we'll be applying our cashflow optimisation techniques and tools 


If we don’t think we can help you we’ll tell you – straight up.

We are not Real Estate Agents, Insurance Sales People, or Lawyers and/or Accountants working an angle to sell you our services

AND we won’t drag you out at night to some free property training seminar to listen to vanilla scripts with perfect scenario’s from compromised trainers AND we will not ever try and sell you any of our properties, nor any of our clients properties or services!!!!!


We cut though the noise that’s out there and get straight to the point as it relates to your specific situation

You’re not left wondering about the next course of action

This way you can achieve results quickly and with confidence 

Based on the knowledge you’ll be equipped with. 

With the tools we provide

You will KNOW EXACTLY what you are going to make, AND

You’ll have a Plan A

Plan B AND

An Exit Strategy


Not bragging here but we’ve probably already done what you’re probably wanting to do, all in our spare time. 

There’s nothing we’re teaching that we haven’t done ourselves first and tested. 

Our focus is always cashflow and low-risk, we are active investors today and practice what we preach, we only work with busy professionals serious about leveraging their time, money and securing their financial future

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