My very best advice for property investors... 
Written by Alan Fairbrother on July 18th 2018
Be very careful about where you get advice......

There are many so-called experts out there offering advice

on everything from your golf swing, exercise programme

and property investment (sometimes all from the same person !!).

It's hard to know where to go if you're starting out or looking to grow to that next level.

The best advice I can give is to seek out a trusted advisor

and test them on 3 things PRIOR to acting on any advice they give you;

1. Are they successful practitioners on the subject they are providing advice on? 

Your trusted advisor needs be successful and considered an expert in the subject 

and they must have already done what you want to do

They must speak from experience 

and have absolute authority of his/her convictions 

through their hard-earned experience ( sorry text book knowledge doesn't count here). 

Only then can you have confidence

in their subject matter knowledge and expertise. 

This extends to our loved ones 

who can sometimes be over-protective... 

and advise against action in a particular direction.

An experienced person will have made mistakes

and had success in the subject 

and you get the benefit of both.

2. Do they have an ulterior motive?

Unfortunately in this day and age there are many who will make great promises

and guarantees but all of their hype is designed to lure you into a program

and then under-deliver or try and upsell you to the next level immediately. 

You quickly realise you've been had 

but you're in too deep to pull out 

and they have shrewdly covered their tracks in the onboarding process. 

Watch out for property investment coaches with properties for sale!!

3. Who can vouch for them? 

Always check out a persons credibility, 

they must have solid references and have others rave about their qualities as a coach. 

Search their name on Google 

and make sure they're not in the news for ripping off old ladies

or are the subject of controversy on social media etc.
Just some of the unbreakable rules every property investor MUST follow
Written by Alan Fairbrother on Jul 24th 2018
1. Never rip off old ladies (or anyone else for that matter)

2. Never break your personal investing rules

3. Never over-capitalise

4. Never get emotionally involved in a deal

5. Never start investing without expert guidance and coaching

6. Always invest for cashflow
7 Do's for property investing
Written by Alan Fairbrother on Jul 24th 2018
1. Do your research

2. Do your due diligence

3. Do get expert advice

4. Do form a team

5. Do invest in yourself

6. Do buy cashflow positive properties

7. Do flips for quick profits

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