Why being comfortable is risky
Written by Alan Fairbrother on June 18th 2018
In life you are either growing or shrinking, 

moving forward or slipping backwards

This applies to everything...

learning or forgetting

getting fit or getting fat 

Things are never still

they are always moving in all facets of your life

So never be fooled by inaction

thinking that you're not gaining or losing ground by doing nothing

the reality is you're actually losing ground by sitting still

you're either going forward or slipping behind on your goals

being comfortable is good

but complacency is bad

complacency is a stagnating condition

and you need to avoid it 

so be comfortable with moving forward

that way you'll avoid complacency

Alan Fairbrother

Alan Fairbrother helps people start and grow profitable property investment 
businesses. He is an expert at helping people navigate quickly through the complex 
process of acquiring and controlling profitable property deals to flip or hold and makes
things super simple to understand. If you're interested in getting started in property investment or scaling up to build a portfolio that will pay you again and again to own it 
then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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