Client Reference

Alan provided me with Property Investment coaching and advice when we were in the early days of buying our first rental property. 

He is awesome. 

His hints and tips meant that we were able to work through the process in a structured, methodological manner. 

Furthermore, Alan provided me with the confidence to actually act. 

If I hadn’t of engaged his expertise, we would still be sitting on the fence of Investment Property ownership. 

Rather, we are now 2 years into building our portfolio and have built up enough equity for our next project”

- Simon Miller
Client Reference

I've worked with Alan Fairbrother for 10 yrs now arranging finance for his real estate projects.  

He has undertaken a good range of projects, from a quick reno to rent or sell, to small subdivisions and also relocation projects. 

In all cases Alan has worked through each opportunity meticulously ensuring the numbers stack up and the project meets his investment goals.
As a project manager Alan has an excellent grasp of the numbers and does very thorough due diligence. 

I think he’s an excellent coach, his experience and patience means he works well to help others.

- Jude Anker
Client Reference

Alan has been a client of mine for approx. 10 years and we have done a number of property transactions over this time.

His knowledge of the Real Estate market is strong and logical and he has the ability to see the value and potential in properties that a lot of buyers can’t see.

Alan has always been easy to deal with and negotiates well with honesty and integrity.

I would happily recommend any of my clients to him that needs support and guidance through the daunting task when buying their first home or building an investment portfolio. 

- Angela Webb
I Help Project Managers Start And Grow Profitable Property Investment Businesses Using My Cashflow Engineering Framework

Every day I speak with Project Managers who love what they do

And they’re great at it,

But they know in the back of their minds they need to develop additional income outside of their day jobs...

because there’s no such thing as job security nowadays….

And….. they’re just not sure how to go about it without risking the ranch...

They’re professionals,

They’re busy people, and so their priority becomes their day job because that’s where their expertise is


The voice in the back of their minds keeps telling them they need to do more…. 

And sooner rather than later

And I completely understand.... 

It’s not easy holding down a high-pressure, full-time job and balancing a career…

When in the back of your mind you know you need to do more if you’re going to truly succeed financially and ever escape the rat race

I clearly remember feeling a lot of stress when I was reliant on that paycheck every week and my job was the thing I knew and did best

And what made it worse was that I didn't know what else I could do!!

I realised I had to do something and I had to do it myself

"If It's To Be It's Up To Me"

Og Mandino said: “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

If you’re in a similar situation... I have good news.

I hated risk and couldn’t bring myself to leverage the family home to invest in an area I wasn’t totally comfortable in

The truth is I couldn't afford to either…

My research led me to property investment

But I needed help…

Trouble was there were so many different so-called experts trying to entice me in their direction

Using their secret sauce,

Often appearing untrustworthy and often with conflicting messages!!!

More than 80% of the millionaires of the past 20 years have made their fortunes in property

So I got started - Then I got an education.. (should have done this part first!)

I made some money and some mistakes (fortunately more money than mistakes!)

I learnt how to structure deals and optimise cashflow

So now I help others do what I’ve done and more through my Cashflow Engineering Framework.

I show my clients how to go from where they are now, to controlling a profitable property deal within 60 days or less

Then - rinse and repeat.

If this makes sense and you’d like to learn more – Feel free to book a no-obligation 15-min chat with me directly and I’ll explain how it works


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